Thursday, November 02, 2006

did you miss me?

Hello world! Did u miss me? ;p

I've been missing from cyber space again - well not entirely, i do online just that i dont get much time to blog these days, bz la ba.. work and work and more work... sometimes i just feel like slow down, doing things on my own time, go for a walk or something.

Flash back:
Couple weeks ago I had a some time off - yes, thanks to deepavali and hari raya - bless malaysia and it's multi-culture! I went to the mountains during deepavali, spend great time there BUT the thing is i GOT sick after that - so i had a sickie raya - stayed home watched telly for hours till my eyes dropped! lol, that's tooo drastic, what i wanted to say was, i've spend my sickie time wasted on telly... been sometime havent watch that MUCH telly..

Back to present:
Anyways, now holidays are over - it's back to working - presentation, meetings, designs, datelines.. geezz.. tired la wey! That's what i do for getting paid - meet people, meet MORE people.. just that sometimes i'll meet prettty weird and desperate people.. which some DOESNT take NO for an answer! sigh! pathetic people!

That's all for now, blog more soon..


allen said...

yeah.. miss u very much..

maslight said...

wahahhahah stalkers!!!!! kill em stalkers!!!

Nicholian Justine said...

i see that what happen to u.. :P

AceOne said...


Celine said...

burp! hehehehe