Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Yesterday I was trying to send sms to my friend but the sms cant seemed to get through. I keep on getting the same message: Message Sending Failed! I re-send the sms for like 4 times in a row. Thought it was another problem with the connection. I got fed up and stop sms her instead I've call her using a fix line.

Then his morning, I was trying to sms my friend ( another different friend ) and I got the same failure message AGAIN! GAH! What's going on man? It was the same problem I was having yesterday. So I thought something WAS wrong with the telco service provider I was using. This afternoon when I tried to call somebody and I cant bloody call outtttt...... WHAT?!

At 1st I thought I ran out of credits, but when I've double check my credits, there's still credits what? As I was checking my credit I noticed that I need to reload before 5/2/07 and today it is already the 6th of Feb!! OMG! So it wasnt the telco problem after all ;p Opsie!


Check this out! Super hilarious..

No offense to anyone okie? Take it easy :-)


Enaidyl said...

Mwahaha. Definitely one major big whoops.

maslight said...

wahhahahhahahaha....*lol...hahahahah sorry...i can't stand it but to laugh hehehe sorry sorry...very funny...

i check my credit expiry every now and then hahahaa