Monday, February 12, 2007

siapa nama kamu?

Last week there was this guy who called and keep on asking what's my name. Like huh? What's the deal? I think the 1st time he called he was using a fix line, 088-2xx xxx I dont remember what was the number. He called around 8-9pm?

The-irritating-male-caller: Siapa nama kamu? *What's your name?*
Me: *Confuse me* Kamu mau cari siapa? *Who are you looking for?*
The-irritating-male-caller: Saya mau tau nama kamu *I wanna know what's your name*
Me: *getting pissed* Kenapa? *Why?*
The-irritating-male-caller: Saya TANYA siapa nama kamu? *I ASK what is your name?*
Me: *Hung up the phone*

Tell me that's NOT a 'gotcha' call or something. Initially I was thinking that it was a wrong number and ignored the whole thing. Guess I was wrong. Over the weekend the same guy called AGAIN! asking the same question. I mean like, come on, if the person REALLY wants to know what's my name - can he be more polite? I mean the way he asked, it's like very impolite and irritating. Plus he didn't introduce himself OR tell me what's all the fuss bout knowing my name?

Besides calling, he tried sms me too! O.o Well, I ignored the sms. Why bother rite? Anyone who know this number 014 8540727. Please tell him STOP asking my name! Well I hope this is the end of the 'Siapa nama kamu' episode.

To rest of you: Happy Weekends ;-)


maslight said...

omg, amy, more stalkers? omg

babyphoenix said...

stalker maybe? actually, i dunno wat to catagorise them. Maybe those are known as irritating caller?

maslight said...


allen said...

amy too hot to handle

Celine said...

Wakakak!!! Justine is the right guy to tulung u to re-harras the org... kan Justine?