Wednesday, April 11, 2007

It's ALIVE!!!!

Okay here's the deal. Remember when I was telling every single living thing ( well, ALMOST! ) that my camera is DEATH. NOT WORKING. ROSAK. NDA BOLEH GUNA. It turns out that there was NOTHING wrong with the camera BUT the charger was the one NOT WORKING! Aduh, can you imagine that. It felt like agessss I haven't been taking any REAL pics and that sucks BIG TIME! But seriously, I was already got over with the "death" of my precious, and was thinking of getting a new "baby" ( camera la wey, not OTHER things that your thinking ). Some friends were asking me to invest in SONY Alpha ada yang pula suruh beli Nikon D200 and etc.

So back to my old "faithful" camera. I feel like I was reunite with her. Seriousness!!! I was trying to take some silly shots of my last nite BUT I didn't like any of the pics and deleted it ALL.. Gah! Well, thanks to my parents ( oh thank you soo much! ) they WERE the one who found out that there's nothing WRONG with my camera. The place/shop that they went to check my camera told them that the prob was the charger. The thing is, I sent my camera to SONY SERVICE CENTRE to check my camera ( with a help of a friend - he's into photography as well - so that I don't need to pay for service charge or something.. tulung sya la kunun! ) and the SONY technician guy told me that the IC chip in the camera was BURNED ( YEAH RITE! ) . I was crushed when I heard that!

So now, I got 2 conclusion about what happen to my camera ( yg kena pronounce ROSAK for no reason this ):

Reason 1:
The guy was TOO LAZY to check the camera ( since nda kena bayar juga kan, bagus kasi tau something wrong with it.) E.g scenario:

The SONY guy:
Miss, your camera's IC chip has burned. To replace it you need to pay couple hundreds. So, I recommend you to get a new camera instead.
( doesn't it sounds like the typical reason given to the customers? )

Reason 2:
Conspiracy done by my friend and the SONY guy, so that I will buy new camera from them?? Fyi, my friend keeps asking me to get a new camera. Imagine him talking in singlish tone: I can help you to get veli cheap price one you know, dealers price!!

Anyways, I'm happy to know that my good ol' camera still can be use and the photograph drought will be OVER soon and hopefully more new post will be out as well.

stay tune!


maslight said...

whahahhaha kuyak! oh where u dad send the camera for checking? i oso want to try send my panasonic.

*cough amy, u type in a hurry or u blur blur this...anyways, woo nikon D200 *cries..mas dun wanna put hopes too high..mas is money *rofl

so when will be our photo outing? weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

babyphoenix said...

wrote this in a hurry ;p
sana karamunsing that my dad sent the camera

i think the BEST time is on weekend for photo hunting...