Monday, April 16, 2007

finally received

Remember when I blogged bout Tabin, that was like what.. end of last year rite. Guess what? the pictures finally arrived ( well, some of them. Someone haven't email it to me YET! Gah! ) Anyways, here are some of the pics that I liked.

Doesn't this pic wanna make u feel like jumping into it?

That's me and Patricia
( She's one of the travel writer for 'Feng Cai' Magazine )

Eh, don't you think I dress like a gardener?
Maybe I can pose for the gardener mag ;p

Bah, that's all for now. Will update sooooooon. Keep visiting! :D


maslight said...

wakkakak wuah punya berkurun baru kana kasi ko ni gambar?

*cough btw amy, ada kurang perkataan at the last pix..macam kelam kabut blog oh ni budak *cough

babyphoenix said...

ya bah memang nda masa mo kasi tulis, nda check langsung. oh ya, lupa mo kasi tulis the word 'think' ;p thanks for alerting me mas.

allen said...

"?" question mark missing

maslight said...

wakkakakakak XD welcome