Thursday, April 26, 2007

not Tu-Long ago

It's not tu-long ago when Tu-Long was open ( pun intended! )


Last Wednesday I went to the grand opening to Tu-Long restaurant in Warisan Square. I went there with Stephanie. There were couple of local celebs attended the opening as well. I guess it was for publicity purposed. So here are some pics taken using Stephanie's camera. I didn't bring mine coz my parents borrowed it from me for a week T_T. Anyways, check out the pics below who knows you might spot some familiar faces :D

Check out the chief's expression, it's like he's boring waiting to cut the ribbon rite?

The ribbon cutting session

Doesn't everybody looked extra happy!

I wonder if Jacky Kam is happy bcoz of the opening or was he happy bcoz he's surrounded with leng lui's??

Bah, next on the menu is ....

..... another cutting session

Psst.. doesn't this reminds you of before a ball game, the team captain is trying to plan a strategy with the teammate.

Guess what were they trying to cut?


Everyone seems happy cutting "it" ...

They were cutting this pig actually!!!!
Some how it feels bit disturbing to me. Well, surely Pumba won't be happy when he sees this!

I managed to blend in with the press that time, and I went for the press conference.. shhh!

On our way upstairs, Stephanie shoot this pic...

Walao wey, people keep on piling in none stop.. Like got Super Sales hor!!

Er, that guy like wanna cari pasal only..

Group pic during press conference :D

And I managed to grab MyFM DJs to pose with me :D

With Jack Lam - He's super fair can!!!!!!

With Wan Wai Fun - Although she's petite in size BUT she's super cute!!!!!!!!


allen said...

aha.. i see two nice photos.. the last two at the bottom.. hehe.. but u forgot to give credit to someone.. =P

babyphoenix said...

opssssssssssss.......... i totally forgotten liao... thanks allen for editing the pics for me ya :D

allen said...

gee... heartbreak la.. how can u forget..

heart *breaks*... didn't edit leh.. i just removed the oily-ness.. =P

maslight said...

super fair dood..omg~ O.O