Friday, May 18, 2007

The new way of advertising!


These days if you open a business or run a business or helping your company to run business you'll surely need to do some marketing or some promotional stuffs rite? This is to advertise your products or services. *NOTE: Don't worry, I'm NOT advertising my company here! winks!*

I came a cross another interesting way to promote your brand or company using your BUTT! And they call it Ass-vertise!

They even got a website for Ass-vertise.

According to this website, all you need to do is to put logo or whatever message you want on on the seat of a pair of bikini style panties.

So if you wanna promote your company, you can just ask somebody to wear a panties with your company logo on it. SIMPLE HOR!!!!

So here is step-by-Step on how to do Ass-vertisement:
( Note: all pics are taken from Ass-vertise website! )

Step one:
Hire pretty gals ( or guys ) with nice butt of course! Then ask them to walk on the location where you think you target market is.

Step two:
When they see some potential client, they will SHOW them their ass.. i mean the ads ;p

If showing one by one is NOT OBVIOUS enough, you can make them do it all together :D Which will look something like this!

This is what I call, mass ass-vertising! LoL!!

See, simple and easy!!

Now, if you think, "Nah, this is just a joke.. NOBODY gonna do it ya know"

Well, you're WRONG buddy, check this out!

Apparently KODAK was using ass-vertisement technique as well to promote their product during a photo convention in Ukraine. What happen was, they hired 2 pretty babes to wear super short skirt with Kodak logoed panties underneath and then drops things on the convention floor and pick them up. So when they pick up the stuffs, the panties with the logo would eventually be seen by others.

Here are some pics from the photo convention ( Note: Pics are taken from here )

Now next time if your boss ask you for ideas for advertising or promoting, can try this method. Surely will make heads turning! :p


allen said...

LOL! interesting and creative! =P too bad it's not do-able here.. =P

I think it's rather.. hmm.. not so nice if it's they're pushing guy's ass-vertisement

Lance said...

That is even better than Google's ads