Tuesday, May 22, 2007

SAWO: Project Kg. Kiau ( Part 1 )


Note: This is another super duper late post. Yes, I know, late AGAIN! Well, it's better to be late than post nothing rite?

On the 1st May 2007 (Labour Day), me and the SAWO team went to Kg. Kiau to conduct a workshop to promote awareness about women's issue besides doing some documentary for this coming June's Fiesta Feminista. For those who dunno what is SAWO ( Sabah Women Action Resource Group ), it's started in 1985 by a group of concerned women and men to take up mainly issues of violence and discrimination against women particularly in Sabah. So it's NOT those group ONLY mommy mommy saja yang join tau! Men can join as well, no need to shy shy okay.

The workshop starts at 8am, so we need to get there by 7.30am. So I woke up at 4.15am. Really sacrifice my sleeping time for this trip can! I didn't want to drive there using my car so I hitch hike Agnes's ride. I arrived at her place 10 mins to 6am. Bloody early!!!!!!

Shoots taken from my car. It's was 5 something in the morning!!! MY GOODNESS!!!!

Here are some pics taken during the ride to Kg. Kiau.

It was bright and sunny day! ;-)

When we got to the mountain area, there were thick mist. Hardly can see the road in front!

More pics taken from the car, sorry that the car side window was kinda dirty ;p

Saw the majestic Mt. K as well.

Sempat lagi take a pic of myself at the backseat.

We managed to arrive Pekan Nabalu around 7++am. The team are supposed to meet up at this spot. Agnes thought we were late but actually we were the 1st car to arrive. Malaysia time bah, people always come late one.

We had breakfast here while waiting for the rest of the team.

After breakfast, I went to check out the stalls selling local handicrafts.

Some pics taken from the stalls:

They have stalls selling fruits as well.

Some local products as well, fyi those are honey.

I decided to walk to the other part of the pekan.

After shooting this tower, I got stung by a bee!!!!!!!
I asked one of the old lady at the stall for bee medicine and they actually pointed and show me where to get the medicine. They ask me get "Minyak Batu", that was the 1st time I heard such medicine.

Red and swollen area.
I'm so LUCKY, like that also kena stung!!!!!

It was getting late and we continue the journey, actually all of the SAWO team has arrived. They were looking for me actually coz I had wonder off to shoot some pics. The thing is they didn't know I was looking for the bee medicine. BAH!!

After less than 10 mins of driving, we finally saw the junction to Kg. Kiau! The road to the Kiau is bit challenging coz it's gravel and some part of the road is VERY steep. Don't play play hor!

Alrite, end of part one. Will continue later!


allen said...

finally update liao!
kesian that hand. glad that it recovered fast! =)

you still have the touch la! haven't quite lost it. hehe..

keep it up!

babyphoenix said...

my pics are just so-so.. not the BEST yet! Thanks for the motivation al :D

maslight said...

O.O ni la part by part ni...i haf to wait T_T but why?!?

woo~ so wut happened there? kekekekekek bz body XD

oh i love the tower shot

45 degrees XD look up! \^O^/

babyphoenix said...

patient grasshopper, i'll update it soon. ;p

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