Friday, July 13, 2007

brb.. i'm fixing it!

Currently I'm trying to change my blog layout and design and blah blah blah.. yes, I know the chatter box and the counter are GONE.. for now that is! I'm not tooo sure not to put it back, BUT I did back up the old template coding *Thanks mas for reminding me*

Still I have lots things to change *look at mas: "help!"*

Mas has been TRYING to HELP me - My ONLY source of online Help!

Bear with me for now.. I will make things pretty later :D

Me With Mas hanging out at Jesselton Point ;-)


maslight said...

*lol..sorry..i went to watch movie last nite hehe..

babyphoenix said...

no wonder, was buzzing u.. then no reply.. XD

Jollence Lee said...

Nice new layout..

Susan B. said...

Hi Amy!!

Just discovered your blog by accident when I search under SAWO 2007! Great to read your blog! Still in UK, still stuck in my room trying to finish my dissertation! Can't wait to do more theatre work. See you soon!!!!


Desmond said...

So its still not fixed?