Monday, September 17, 2007

total shut down


I'm NOT talking bout shutting the blog down, what i meant was me getting sick and I can't even enjoy my holiday today (yupe, it's a public holiday today.. it's Sabah state TYT bday). I've been grounded at home. NO MORE activities at the moment. I'm officially grounded today.. yay~ NOT! But I think getting some rest at home is good for me. I can finally BLOG! ;-)

There are lots of pics I've shot BUT I don't think I can post every single pics here. Oh and, the latest news is I've got myself a NEW job now. Like my previous job, it's something related to advertisement. *Grin* I'm only 1 month plus in my new job and I'm already sick. Geez.. Overwork? I guess soo.. I think it's not ONLY my job contribute to me being sick. There are other factors as well, like, NOT enough sleep and MAJOR rest.

For those who have been coming back visiting my blog, I'm very thankful for you guys.. There wasn't much post.. OKAY.. NO post at all. I hope to blog more, there lots more to share to everyone.

Here are some pics I've shot last week, before I got SICK ( btw, I'm down with fever and cool.. and my body is aching in different places.. gah! sounds like old lady now )

Pics taken on a workshop on "How to run a workshop" - It's a collaborating of 3 different organisation. Right now I just can't recall the other 2 organisation besides SAWO.

The participants. They are very very focus listening to our facilitator

Participants doing a group presentation. The guy in red ( I think his name is Marius ) looks soo happy doing the presentation.

That's written by me for our group discussion.
Messy writing huh? can pass for doctor's handwriting ;p

*Time Out - some rude client just called me and request something.. and i told him we charge for the item and the said I'm being rude??? geeezzz... he's just trying to bully me! Pfff.. RIGHT!.. I just realised that I received lotsa calls from my office and also from client.. I SHOULD have just switch off my phone... Back to the post...*

On the same day, at night I went to a charity dinner organised by my ex high sch

the ticket

Me with friends

There are still lots of pics, but I decided to upload it in next post.. To be continueee...


maslight said...

get well soon..wuah u went to the stella maris night XD

babyphoenix said...

yeah, i promised the principal and my teacher i will go and support. :D