Monday, June 23, 2008

shoot me please?

Over the weekend, there was supposed be a photography session with some friends, but it was canceled. Mag wasn’t feeling well. Hope you feel better soon girl. Well, since I was already pump up to take pics. We went “background” hunting instead, while waiting for the talk on wildlife & wedding shots by Calvin Ng organised by Nikon in Centre point. Too bad Cede Prudente wasn’t there to give any talk, I’m sure he got lots to share. Hey, talking bout Centre Point, did anyone realized that there was problem with the air condition in that mall? The thing is, it has been like what..? 3 weeks? And it’s still NOT fix yet… OMG, what’s going on? Seriously, the management should fix it pronto! Now about bout fixing something, I recall that some of the escalators are NOT moving as well.. Double Ding!! or MAYBE as well or they are trying to save electricity? Gee..

Back to the background hunting I was talking bout just now. Check out the pics below, try guess where were the pics taken?

This is the pose for people with-no-idea-how-to-pose punya pose

This is mengada-ngada punya pose

Emo pose konon! :p

Another no-idea-how-to-pose punya pose

I think the pics above are more like silly pics. Don't you just L-O-V-E the background in the pics.

Was having a break after shooting. Guess what? It suddenly rained heavily, thank goodness we were in door before the sky decided to rain. We did some jump shots in public, that was ... FUN! I think the people though we were either crazy, lunatic or both!

Candid shoot!
I was tengah concentrate with the ice cream. Yum-my!

During the talk, saw lots of Kinabalu Photography Club (KPC) members, guess there were there to give support to their fellow member, Calvin. I saw Mr. Syed and Mr. Gan both ‘orang kuat’ KPC too! The talk was bit too draggy for me. There were some good tips from Calvin though, which I can practice for my next photo shooting.

Some of the photographs on display.

Calvin told us that one of his photograph was STOLEN while on exhibit!! OMG! The thief has the guts to steal it right in front of everyone!!!

So what did you do over the weekend?


maslight said...

oh nice background... @_@

wut? the photos were stolen omg!!! punya bidak these ppl! anyways yeah i notice there were fans everywhere around cp the other day.. @_@

aMy said...

i think the person who stole the pic must be tooooooooo fancy the pic suda tu.. imagine if CCTV capture the person who took the pic, memang habis kena buru

Joan D'Arcy said...

stylo miss