Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tagged: 6 (non)sensical stuffs bout me

I got tagged. Haven't been doing tags for sometime.

1. Link to the person that tagged you - Celine
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3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
4. Tag someone.

What is 6 (non)sensical stuffs about me

I can’t take spicy food, I mean like food with chili in it, or something hot. Like KFC for example, I always order the original flavor never the hot and spicy. However, I don’t mind curry though, well, NOT those very spicy one lar.. else I ended up drinking more water than eating.

I can’t stand seeing people who throw rubbish out from the car, or those who just leave rubbish behind. JUST CAN’T STAND!


I used to fancy Hanson (a band consist of 3 brothers, Taylor, Zac & Issac, gosh..! I still remember their names) when I was in high school. I think Taylor was da’ boom, back them. I *heart* guys with long hair back then. That was back then. Back then okay.

I used to like black colour so much that most of the cloths I had was black. After black, I was into blue colour. Then all the suddent I was into silver colour, after the silver phase, I was into red. Then maroon, grey, brown, white.. Right now I’m into purple. Heck, I still like all the colours I’ve mention, just depends on my mood.


I like movies with Adam Sandler in it. I think he is hilarious!

I’m still undecided which handphone I should buy, wait.. should I get a new handphone or should I just wait till the price of handphones drop ( A LOT ) then I get one? Coz the one I’m eyeing on is out of my budget. Dilemma, dilemma. Agahh.. What brand of handphone are you guys using right now by the way?

End of tag, that was easy-peasy. Now, here is the fun part: Tagging others.

Nomination for my tag:
1. Massy
2. Justine
3. Allen
4. Mel


Joan D'Arcy said...

hahaha@ Thanks for the tag assignment..
#1. Yep, i remember you + spicy food a no-no!
#2. I oso cannot tahan people buang sampah.. The other day, Iwas driving, I saw this dumbo amah buang sampah at the side of the road, punia I meradang. If I werent the driver and without Xtian in the car.. I would stop the car and ask the maid to pungut balik.. (Xtian picked up a lot of my bad habits..even scolding bad drivers urgh!)
#3. Hanson?? hahahaha!!! hahaha!! ROFL.. sorry! ehem.. hehehe..
#5. where's ur bulu2 period?
#6. hmm.. I am out dated with handphones...

Neways, thanks for sharing.. hihi.. #3... hihi.. sorry!

emelda said...

thanks babe will do this soon k :)

babyphoenix said...

Cel: oh ya, lupa kasi masuk the bulu-bulu period. I think I started to like bulu-bulu stuffs lepas sya start working. Till today I still like bulu-bulu, now upgrade to animal printed prints too!! Don't worry, I don't buy the REAL fur/skin, only artificial ones. :)

Hey, stop teasing me bout Hanson. :p