Sunday, September 07, 2008

flash back!

Sorry for the lack of updates (AGAIN!), I wanted to blame on my work, but what's the point right. Well, NOT to worry I'm still life & kicking as usual. Rewind to last year on this month, I was busy for arranging things for Ramadhan, had fun time BBQ with bunch of friends, celebrated friend's bday and etc.. BUT the highlight of the month was I got terribly sick and got disconnected with the outside world. I didn't see it coming but one cannot predict that he/she will get sick right? Looking back, it's been a year now (well ALMOST a year). I'm glad I'm all healthy now.

This afternoon I was at the hospital, Ed's grandpa was admitted to SMC (around 4am). Looking at Ed's grandpa on the sick bed gave me a flash back when I was admitted last year. Sometimes I think we take our good health for granted. (On another note: Did anyone realise HOW expensive are the food in hospital canteen/restaurant? O-M-G!)

Picture time! Here are some other flash back pics which I would like to share.

Me & Elsie @ Borneo Kellybay, Tuaran
This was taken when I was still with Sabah Tea Garden during a company outing, we had our face painted for fun! (Actually the face painting was mandatory or else we can't have our dinner ;p)

With bunch of SAWO gang @ Megellan
We were attending dinner for World Women Day celebration (Check out the attire, we didn't follow the dress code, which was batik theme. We were rebellious!! :D)

That's me at the railway, this pic was taken early this year at Papar town (was doing photo hunting in Papar town)

The end, will update soon.


Celine said...

woohoo! Hope you are 101% better now! Bah.. apa lagi cerita nie? Any BIG events.. this year? Next year? :p

Nicholian Justine said...

finally sis.. you update.. hehehehe... Celine always and always ask for the BIG and BIGGER events :P

maslight said...

finally an update, yeah i rarely see u coz u're so bz T_T i wanna go photo outing with u T_T amy lets go outing!!! T_T

babyphoenix said...

Celine: BIG event? Bah, nanti sya kasi ko schedule for City Mall BIG events ;p

Justine: Hey justine, yes.. FINALLY update.. I knowwww... took me 2 months.. wayyy long..

Mas: Mas, ur camera now is 'Pro' suda.. me still using 'un-Pro' one.. misti sya kalah later go photo shooting with u..