Monday, June 30, 2008

yo dawg!

Was browsing through my old pics, saw this particular pic of my dog when it was still young. Doesn't all puppies look cuter when it's younger? Tell me, how do u normally call a dog(to get it's attention) if you randomly bump into one...? Let me guess, MOST of you will answer 'ko-pi' or 'kopi'. Correct not? Well, at least for me I'll call it 'ko-pi'. I wonder how did the word 'ko-pi' came about? Anybody knows the answer? Please share ;-) Also, I always talk to my dogs, more like greet them when I see them first thing in the morning or when I get back from work. Like 'been a good girl?' or 'how are you doing?' or even 'got miss me or not?'

So, do you talk to your pets? or am I abnormal? :p


maslight said...

ahhahahaha it's like when I call cats as kitty ahhahahaha XD here kitty kitty XD but once i called a puppy as popi hahahahah XD

justine said...

amy i dont say that you're abnormal.. can i say "kuk ku".. nay just kidding... not just you doing that.. even my mom n dad talking to the cat's "we have 4" and dog "1 only".. like.. "why are you doing that" if her cat doing sumting not right.. or eat slowly <-- to my bro dog... SO I THINK YOU ARE NORMAL>

Rainer Yong said...

punya main cute itu doggy. aduhhhh