Thursday, March 26, 2009

after long long time..

Yes, after like months and months missing in action, am back blogging.. There was a time when I DID decide NOT to blog or NOT planning to blog. Maybe the MAIN factor was LAZY and..... okay, lazy is the MAIN reason lar.. I won't promise that I will blog more often, just in case I can't keep my promise again. 

Now for updates :)

Tadaaa.. with some of the models during KK Bridal Fair last weekend.

Made some new friends and met an old 'student' (not old as in old, more like ex-student) All in all, I had a fun weekend. Great stuffs!

That's all for now. Cheers!


P.S.: I just REALISED that I have a twitter account after sooo long. I log into my twitter account to find out that I had it since 2007! I know, it's like OMG rite. geeeez! 


Joan D'Arcy said...


Sya kenal tu sumandak yg duduk depan kiri... Ms Ju.. hehe

babyphoenix said...

iya, memang si ju tu.. ur kaki futsal too?