Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pix: Weekend Episode

3 cats @ the cashier counter (Don't recall the name of this restaurant)

Yum-my! Me *heart* Unagi!

Boardgame session: The Settler of Catan (with fellow colleagues)

Side story:
Can you believe it I forgotten to close & lock the house door and grill door last Sunday before leaving the house!! Funny thing is I did remember to close the gate, but NOT the door & grill door. Luckily my parents came back home not long after I went off. My dad called me and thought I got kidnap and the 'bad guys' ran away with my car coz the door was WIDE open and no one was home. When I heard the news I was SHOCKED, then PANIC, then.. I felt BAD.

Then yesterday I thought I lost my purse, then I realised that I left my purse in the car. 

I know.. forgetful Sarah! 

Now, where is my Ginko biloba I need them.. badly! Gawd help!

p.s: ignore the poor image quality, pics were taken by hp.

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