Friday, March 31, 2006

Similarity among the big boys

March 29, 2006 ( Wednesday )
Similarity among the big boys

Today is officially the initial meeting for the STAR, NO IT’S NOT Shangri-La Tangjung Aru Resort. STAR as in Sabah Tea Adventure Race. The meeting was held in my company's Conference Room. It was attended by STG ( MK & myself ), YLT marketing team & their marketing manager and also the YLT’s GM.

Through out the meeting I’ve notice a few things:-

#1 I’m the ONLY girl in the MEETING! ( walao wey! Where’s all the girl? )

#2 Most of us wear glasses ( minus Ben. YES, I do have glasses too just that I’m using contact lenses that’s all! )

#3 Most of us have single eyelids. ( Including me! )

#4 ALL of them are CHINESE! ( well, minus me. I’m half Chinese ;p )

What else? I guess that’s what I can remember.

P/S: I know that I’m ‘mou-liu’ BUT those are the OBVIOUS!

P/P/S: If you're wondering, I did concentrate during the meeting. *ahem*


Rum said...

Musta been one BORINGGGG meeting if you got so much time to start noticing stuff :P

babyphoenix said...

lol... i just hate meeting that's draggy!