Friday, March 31, 2006

I'm going to India!

March 30, 2006 ( Thursday )
I’m going to India!

These pictures were taken from a forwarded email ( thanks to Mase! )

I’m such a sucker for places like this!


* Look at it, don’t you feel like going there NOW?!

* Killer view from above!

* I can stay here forever! Paradise on earth!

* At the beach side

* White sandy beach to relax & chill out. Sigh!

* can swim with the sea turtle somemore! walao wey!

* baby sea turtle, so cute!

* inside one of the room: got glass panel floor! syoik!

* having meal above the sea, next to a school of fish! what more can you ask for!

So you see people that's why I'm going to India! What I need now is someone to sponsor me to go there. By the way, this beautiful place is in Le Meridien Resort - Chennai, India. For those who want to sponsor me. You can send your contribution to me via cheque, cash will be even better! Any contribution will be appreciated! ;p


maslight said...

*rofl. I oso wanna go. I need ppl to "SPONSOR" me too!!!!

babyphoenix said...

lol! join the club mase!

Rum said...

Hmm... if you two want I can sponsor go to the lobby of Le Meridien KK :P

babyphoenix said...

lobby saja ka Rum? like dat no need lor! can go myself. bler!