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Lesson for LIFE!

March 31, 2006 (Friday)
Lesson for LIFE!

Last week I was reading this magazine asiaSpa. I came across a short article about ‘Life Coaching’ No idea what is it? Life coaching is the millennium’s way of coping with less time, more stress and the resulting inability to step back and take an objective view of your life.

Talking bout Life Coaching reminds me of the interview I went to this morning. Man, the interview was a bit, erm.. ‘different’ from what I’ve experienced before. I think it got to do with the way the company was run. For starters, NO SHOES ARE ALLOW INTO THE OFFICE! ( PLEAE TAKE OF YOUR SHOES BEFORE ENTERING THE OFFICE!) *I’ve should have took a picture of that place!*

Surprisingly, I did NOT need to fill any application form. Which was a bit weird. *I though the NORMAL procedure was applicants should fill in a job application form BEFORE they proceed to the interview?*

It started out with the normal question like, tell me about yourself.. yada yada.. Tell me about your current job scope. Okay still standard normal question and plus other questions but suddenly pops out weird questions, like examples:-

Tell me 4 challenges/stress faces by a person. *What the heck right?

Do you read any books? What sorta books do u read? *OMG Author’s name? Name of the book?

And a lot ‘special’ questions ( It really sounded like some sort of quiz you get from CLEO mag )

Then they explain to me that this because they believe in individual development. The company will NOT grow if the staffs don’t grow together! ( yes, I totally agree on that bit ) They make sure that every employee reads a quota of book given to them ( according to level of intelligence, no they’re NOT talking about novel books or anything here okay! ). After reading the books one has to write a BOOK REVIEW! ( Why does this remind me of college days? ) Like that’s NOT enough, they will ask you to do a PRESENTATION some more! The reason? Simple: To conquer the FEAR in you. Talking about motivating your employees to the next level!

Okay, back to the magazine I was reading. Got distracted a bit there just now.

So the article mention that we should BE SMART – know our limits and avoid getting trap in caught up in the work-life balance trap. So take note about these simple steps that can help us in moving towards living a healthier and more fulfilling life.

#1 Be responsible for yourself.

If you know you cannot do the job alone and you need backup, just delegate the jobs. YOU DON’T NEED TO DO EVERYTHING YOU KNOW? Take REGULAR HOLIDAYS, or rare ‘mental health’ day * wah got such thing? if you need to reduce stress. Coach other people to respect you and your time. . *I’m getting to like this.

Me: Yes, I think vacation is good! More holidays please!

#2 Schedule blocks of time

Schedule our time efficiently in and out of work. Save most of our energetic times of the day for high demand task; then make time for low priority activities and admin. Create time for “ME” time and for OUR personal well-being – go gym ka? Go movie ka?

Me: roger that! I’m gonna watch lotsa movie now onwards! And exercise MORE OFTEN! *making mental note*

#3 Say no to distractions

Stay focused while in the office and budget time efficiently.

Me: So meaning cannot chatting or anything in the office liao is it?

#4 Leave office on time 2 – 3 days a week

Let go of needing to be seen in the office till all hours. GET A LIFE! If one is efficient and productive there’s every reason to maintain and enhance one’s ability to perform.

Me: I know I know, need to leave my work place ON TIME now! LIFE is waiting for me out there!

#5 Maximize weekends and holiday

Make most of our time off. Plan ahead for these times, so one can relax and enjoy them. LEAVE WORK WHERE THEY BELONG!


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