Friday, July 21, 2006

My very first..


Remember my bday cake baked by Fiona & Emilina made for me?
*Look cake below*

I was curious how to bake a cheesecake and I decided to ask my baker.. I mean Fiona my NEW sifu to teach me.

So I went to Fiona’s place couple weeks ago after begging and pleading her till she must teach me ( nah, didn’t beg or plead actually.. made that part up. Fiona is a sweet person and she’s willingly to share me her secret recipe *hug Fiona* )

I wanted to take a photograph of Fiona BUT she was reluctant to be photographed. Maybe she wanted to remain anonymous (?) therefore no picture of her will be shown here.

Now, back to serious business..

Wanna know how a cheesecake is made?

Read on peepz!

Step 1: Get your ingredients ready

Step 2: Mix it up

Step 3: Make sure it’s really equally mix up

( this pic shown here that it’s NOT yet evenly mix up yet )

Step 4: Bake it in the oven

Opss.. forgotten to snap this stage :p Well, ust use your imagination la ok people?

Step 5: This is how it looks like after taken out from oven

*taking it out from the container

Step 6: Last Step – Decorate it!

Now, ladies and gentlemen, boys and gals...

I present..





My very 1st cheesecake!

Very starry hor?!

It looked soooo beginners rite?

Now check this out!

This is what I call REAL CAKE!

( This is made by an expert. Actually that afternoon, one of Fiona’s aunt came by with this cake – black forest cake – which was made by her! Super nice rite?! )

Yeah, I can confirm it’s yummilious after eating the cake.

No, I didn’t eat that MUCH la ok, crazy meh!
That'll be like 1/4 of the cake.. I'll be puking cake after that :p


a2blog said...

i love cheese cakes! my mom bakes heavenly cheese cake! i miss those!

babyphoenix said...

awwwwwwww....... i *heart* cheese cake too!! ask ur mom to DHL the cake to u then.. ;p

a2blog said...

i will go back there soon.. hopefully real soon! :P

my exclassmate's mom bakes nice cheese cakes too. we all love to visit her place during CNY just cos of her cheesecakes! :P

maslight said...

oh my gawd. amy. the cake looks cute. eventhough it looks simple. i bet it tasted gewd. anyways, i love cheese cake. but too much of cake makes me sick. hee. i stop eating cakes these days. like my body wouldn't wanna accept it hee :D

Nicholian Justine said...

hmmm amy now i notice why sooo many candle... mcm yg besar tuu ada 3 geng... heheheh

babyphoenix said...

justine: ada 3 besar candles meh? lol.. getting super old suda la nih! ;p