Saturday, June 28, 2008

Drama King!

For the very first time, I’ve meet a very difficult client from the planet hell. He is making a fuss over small issue and even threaten to write a complain letter to my company if I didn’t do what he requested. Remember the movie ‘white chicks’, the scene where one of the Paris Hilton wannabe sister going to have a BF (B*tch Fit), she took out a paper and pen to write a letter to the boss/director. Well, it’s something similar to that, except it was a guy and he didn’t take out a paper but he keep on saying he is going to snap pictures as a prove that there is something I’m not doing for him. One of his staff was there with him, after he left, she told me, “Dia memang tidak mau mengalah tu, itu style dia” (Translate: He will not give in, that’s his style). Drama, drama, drama..

Speaking of which, tell me what you guys will do in this other situation. You are talking to this girl (who is just an acquaintance), then when u were looking at her eyes (you guys do make eye contact with the person your talking to right? Well, this is not the point), then you realised that the fake eye lashes on her left eye is COMING OFF! On top of that there is something (white flaky stuff) is hanging out from her nose. So, do you guys like: a) Ignore it b) Laugh Out Loud c)Ask her if she checked herself in the mirror d)Tell her about it. If you were the girl do you feel offended if the person you talked to point it out to you?

By the way it’s Justine’s bday today. Tried to call him just now, but he didn’t pick up the calls, turns out that he was resting as he’s down with fever. Poor thing! Justine if your reading this, please get some rest or else 4 hari MC pun tak cukup tu.

Happy Weekend!

p/s: Heard that 1 borneo is having an auto fair this weekend. Anyone going?

with Le'Ann & Gracie - Miss both of them


maslight said...

Waw a male drama queen. These people dun give face, inda mo mengalah, peduli ko berkulat sana XD

Oh, about the girl with the dropped eye lashes, er I think I will tell her, but it'll take awhile before I can open my mouth to do so hehe @_@

Anyways, OMG! I seriously forgot it's his b'day today oh nois~

Joan D'Arcy said...

haha!! Male drama king... bapok bah dia tuh! hehehe.. btw, the eyelashes..?? Hmm.. if close friend, maybe I tell directly.. If not so close fren, tell also lah, but maybe I would say, "Ko ada mirror? cuba tengok muka ko.." hehehe

Nicholian Justine said...

hello there amy.. morning.. feel bit better today.. M working today..need to prepare 4morow induction.. :( , thks for the b'day wish..

babyphoenix said...

Mas: Memang suka berdrama that fella. Mentang mentang head of division. Mau tunjuk kuat.

Cel: I scared sya kasi malu that gal if i ask her 'ko ada mirror'..

Justine: Great to know your getting better suda. Call you next time ya!